Heads up! We don’t do pitch decks. It’s just not our style. We believe a well-written blog to be less ambiguous, more transparent, and easier to understand. Our users will read this.

User data. We all know this problem; we’re suffering.

The root cause is simple. We, as users, don’t…

Note: This is an outline of the proposed software architecture. It does not include any actual logic or data structures. It is almost certainly missing components and will change.

Note: Heads up, I will try my best to keep this readable and not too technical, but if you do get…

Investments in TIKI are open on StartEngine until Oct. 31

It seems counter-intuitive at first, but making all our code, our “IP,” public creates the defensible moat.

If you’re thinking, we must be building some dev tool; it’s not. It’s the exact opposite; it’s for people, not developers. The purpose of TIKI is to put the control of data back in the people’s hands, not corporations.


When raising capital, step 1 is why?

Building in public forces you to stay laser-focused on what you need to accomplish next.

For everyone not wrapped up in the jargon of Silicon Valley, building in public is a simple concept. Instead of building in secrecy (called stealth) and then showing…

A classic investor question is, what is your competitive differentiation?

These days, it’s particularly poignant. User awareness finally hit a point where the levee broke. There’s a mad dash into the market of user data, and with any new, giant market opportunity, there are all sorts of ideas, offerings, and…

There seems to be a universal constant amongst all amazing creations, products, businesses… amazing people.

TIKI’s original tribe

Core Team

Mike Audi — Founder & CEO
Startup veteran specializing in bringing data-driven B2C & B2B products to market. Passionate about the power of data, transparency, and people.
Previous: Co-founder & CTO @ Blustream Corporation

Anna Stoilova — Co-founder & CPO
Product and design expert. Passionate about bringing impactful tech to millions…

Like all our favorite ideas, it started with a “what if” so simple it felt wrong.

What if we got to choose what happens to our data?

If you’re like me, what went thru your head was YEAH! Then wait, why don’t we? Then, don’t we already? …

The information below assumes you have read our Investor Brief.


We’re adding a small amount of capital specifically to scale up our user acquisition program in parallel to our current MVP efforts. This enables us to rapidly grow the TIKI user base 10x (10k to 100k) via proven methods. Why…

At TIKI, we believe in transparency. Instead of pitch decks, we’ve elected to publicize in detail our entire game plan. Give it a shot; it’s a quick read and certainly something different.


It won’t come as a shock to anyone. Data, particularly user data, is broken. With trust at an…

Mike Audi

Founder @ TIKI

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